Thursday, February 22, 2018


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The most painful episode where Hazama Kanon gone joining the other side. As fafner rider, she was gifted to see the future and as consequences she lost her ability to stay alive slowly. Meaning losing her weight until once turn into zero kg. Her character was introduced in Aggressor as one of the Soldier who attacking Tatsumiyajima unwillingly and was saved by Kazuki. adopted by Hazama who just lost her daughter, Hazama Shouko in battle against  festum.

OH GOD! I loves her character the most after Kazuki and Soushi. She make the anime getting better and not boring at all. Sorry, Maya or any Toomi Maya fans out there, Maya has no scent to be main heroin. Yes, I dislike her character since the 1st time I saw her in Aggressor. I dont know maybe because she just a typical heroin in any anime? yeah, they tried to make her so valuable, but, like I said, she has no aura that make her look so important even though several times in fafner episode centered around her. Seriously... she's not even good for her words to comfort someone. She's not Kazuki Type, more like Soushi and Soushi indeed have a feelings for her. baaaad, I thought Kanon will stay as love triangle for Kazuki. Geeez,  this is soooo frustrating! They kill Kanon in Exodus and I have a little confident to watch Fafner Beyond (coming soon in 2018). the reason I still watch Fafner not only because of Kazuki and Soushi (now Kurusu Misao too) but big influence for me to watch was her. Hazama Kanon.

As we can see, Kanon have a deep feelings for Kazuki and it shows several times in the series while Kazuki still dumb to recognize or he knew? I dont know, He so good with people and treat them equally aside Soushi and his father.  

Imma shippers of KazukixKanon, I dont know if there's outhere who loves this two like me. (what ship's name suitable for these idiota? #Kazuki? Ka=kanon + zuki=kazuki or #Kanon? Ka= kazuki  +Non = Kanon. I think I prefer #Hazuki = Hazama + Kazuki)

Official KanonxKazuki ships name : #Hazuki



The very painful episode to watch. I cant bear with it until now. Kanon disappearance gave a big impact to me and I could say the series also. The way she confessed her unrequited love to Kazuki, so damn sad. She's gone without no one knows but entering Kazuki Dream's telling him she'll be gone. 

Angela Songs is dedicated to her episode. The song giving you a very warmest + sad feelings. I love Kanon voice. Guess, I'm gonna miss her characters so much from now on. *crying*


In Kazuki dreams, they having a very peaceful moment talking about hope and future until Kanon bid him farewell, he realized something was not right with her. He questioning her where she'll go? then the Tree appear behind her. He knew it... The tears in the end after he wake up bleed my heart!

 I admit, if you watch carefully, every single scene between Kazuki x Soushi, Kazuki x Kanon were draw beautifully unlike Kazuki x Maya (Ugh-- I dont have a reason to hates her but she is  the reason why I dislike her). So guys, take a moment and keep all these moment in your heart.. #Hazuki ftw


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