Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SKIP Review for Cross God's Gift Episode 8

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Skiiiip Review!
Oh ya, In episode 8 they're talking about D-Day-- what's that all about?
Yes, been watching it once its release on TVN but sadly, I couldnt watch live even streaming. No subbed no watch. Pretty much telling you guys I'm not Korean. LMAO!
1st Premier rating was so good! I'm glad it turns out very good, and as I expected from the "Tunnel" writer, the plot will be very good, fast pace with several loop hole where all the question will be answered later.

Small cute moment for Go Ji In and Kang In Kyu. who ever thought our pretty talkative and bright Jeon So Min will carry the character's perfectly? Ko Gyung Pyo too?


I love the family moments in there. every single moments from father to daughter, foster father to son, ect, its so heart warming. Love the Prisoners episode much better!. Skip all the episode, now let's talking about episode 8.

After the whole incident in epi 7, where Lee Gil Sang dead, kyung Bum out and the death of Baek Sung Ho, pretty much its added more tension towards In Kyu and trust between the Dr Go and him. we all wonder how the heck In Kyu will control the situation?! then come in episode 8 where he found out the VIP that responsible for organ trafficking, Ji In found curiosity over the donors, Dr Go facing the truth that hidden under his nose and how will Kang In Kyu continue his revenge when he just quit being a doctor at Shinhwang prison?

p/s : I have my reason to not post the epsiode, because some of you guys prefer a surprise~ HAPPY WATCHING!


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