Monday, February 26, 2018


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OKAY, What a "nice " news for me about Cross : God's Gift. I heard + read + watch the youtube and article that TVN will remove JJH from Cross because he admitted and found guilty over "Sexual Harassment" towards someone. He even publicly apologized try redeem  himself. Since I don't know the whole truth or the exact story, the way he explained, make me thinking "he may unconscious because drunk"? Ya know, that happen pretty everyday and that's why avoid getting drunk.

Awww... this is not goood at all!!!! I love him as one of the leading in Cross! Great Father and center Chief! Please, Hopefully, they will not removed him abruptly. Let him out of the drama with good storyline/ reason. Like death? Since his illness get him "better" day by day. Dad! WHY oooo!!!!
Please let him stay. well if he get removed on episode 12, its okay since the drama almost end in 4 more episode. Means, he's one of the Lead and die gracefully in the drama.

Man, now the way I'm commenting here like " I dint care about the woman who got harassed". not at all, I'm not a scumbag who worrying over drama than the real cases. Nope. But it makes sense to wait for an investigation to be completed before judging somebody. That's common sense and an old principle of law. 

I don't think it is right to take side in this #Metoo Movement... Let the police and authority deal with the investigation properly. labeling someone guilty just by media reports again sound fishy to me... I wonder why the onslaught suddenly.. I want factual information before passing judgement. It may destroy someone's life and their families if everything is proven false. If it is true that it did happened then let the court decide their fate.But first we need to step back and NOT take sides. He already apologized but maybe there's a thing we didnt know happen. For Choi Yul, If she really indeed got harassed by him, I'll pray for your justice (and JJH too).


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