Thursday, February 22, 2018

Favs Scene between Kang In Kyu and Gi Ji In~ from Cross : God's Gift

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So min sii! Gyung Pyo Siii!! I fall for these two quite hard now (of course KwangMin is my top Prior)
There's several moment or scene that I really loves especially when Ji In start scolding In Kyu and In Kyu kept try to correct himself even though he knew he's in the wrong side. in the Elevator moment, when she met Baek Gong Seok (Did I spell it right?) but most part  I love the most are ... right below~ 
the scene may short and look damn simple yet for me, those moment are so precious~


 He did the.. Awww.. Come on.. when will we could ever see their true interaction and development, TVN?!! Cant wait for the next spoiler sooon~ Hopefully, all of it not a deleted scene.

Cross : God's Gift source from TVN youtube.
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