Thursday, November 23, 2017

COMPARISON OF THE GOOD DOCTOR drama. Korean or U.S version?

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As much as I liked watching Korean crime, law, medical drama especially Park Jae Beum a.k.a Good Doctor ... I find the American version with a more elaborated plot, realistic and focused on Shaun's condition without the mandatory romance involved.

The Good Doctor U.S version

They also built a solid explanation on why he wants to be a doctor. I'm just blown away with the production. My first impression on the leading man so far: when Freddie Highmore (MY FAVS) delivers his portrayal of Dr. Murphy, you just think... Yup, that's how the character would look and behave. You buy it that he's a genius, and ignorant on some of the social niceties and such. The character is also brutally honest that it makes you either cringe or find it endearing. It actually makes you think on how people are and what they won't say even if they ponder on it.

Good Doctor Korean version

Well, people has their taste (I'm not into Korean romance at all, unless they have fighting scene, or from crime, yeah-- I'll watch)... for me, I enjoyed the US version better, because their medical perspective was more focused and the lead (He's my favs actor btw~) does look like a genius, while the Korean version had more romance involved, not hating on it, but it took the purpose on showing us a story of a doctor who has autism. The US version also did very well with the background story that it made more sense on why Shaun (Shi On) wants to be a doctor.

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