Tuesday, November 7, 2017


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so far, the BEST ANIME stopped at 2015. then for these day and years, you barely saw something interesting and unique anymore, unless you're a type of homo-sexy-pervy or typical, yes.. you can find lot of this genre today-

I dont mind if its Yaoi- or yuri or even pervy, but the truth is, Anime has lost their .. what should i call? I dont know how to describe it anymore. I am an anime lover, but I could see the quality getting drop year by year. there still several anime still good, but you will never get something like FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, DEATH NOTE  or any superb quality plot story like that anymore. Alright, no doubt, the technology of animation getting better these years, but it so sad how anime getting typical day by day.

I have my right to complaint and I can speak on my own behalf or feeling here and maybe some people share a same thought as I am? who knows? 

The very big things  I mean here are

- female half naked
- male full blanket

there's a lot things to point out but, let it be~


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