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POI SE 4 EPI 20 : TERRA INCOGNITO --This was Carter and Reese's episode.

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This was Carter and Reese's episode.

Person Of Interest. one of badass tv series and awesome. beside having a new view about lost CIA ect, its stand alone and different from any cop series.  I fall for it for the first time watching it. The beard man and the detective. OMG- i love TARAJI and thats the reason i watch it.After the "The Crossing" and she died, I'd stop because the badass/ balancing also the heart of POI was gone. 

then there's still a rumor about Nolan will bring her back. And of cuz not  Reincarnation or fake death- it should be in Reese Memories. and seems like Nolan was fullfil his promise. 


After almost a year the Team lost Their one Family, now its time to see how our Reese cooped up with it- i think this episode was awesome because, its not about the case, but the personal emo to our stoic -machine -  killer Reese that we knew how he'd changed After meet Carter. and i saw people posting that our Wonderboy actually having a crush on someone. Iris? the theraphy woman? yeah- sorry, because i'm not followed any more the series, so i miss a lot.


so far, what I see in this episode, its about how Reese who actually still living in Joss Memories. this just my opinion after re-watching back the whole series. He become Fasco Partner- taking Carter Desk and all of it had answered in this episode. especially the Photo part. i remember that case, and i hate it when no particular episode to explained what happen to the photo and Joss. 

she did kept it and wanted to give it back to him on the right moment. when John was open himself and letting her in. now the time always jealous of them, Joss was killed- and he was regret. I love how they portrayed the Real John where we seriously doubted can see this side, and happy when the real reason is to be closed to Joss. the only woman who held his heart after Jessica. sadly- not ZOE. *I'm not a fan of her. i prefer Shaw.*

Now we knew who Joss in John Heart. *I love Season 3, Lady Killer!*  not as simply partner but more than that and how her death effected him so much- 

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I'm more than willing forgive the fact that the actual mystery behind the murder case was pure fluff (secret brother?) because Henson and Caviezel were so good in this episode. Plus, the case was more or less incidental to the emotional ride.
What a joy it way to see Henson back on the show. And not just for a moment or two. Not for a tease. This was Carter and Reese's episode. They started out separated by flashbacks, but as the chapter went along their moments were practically on top of one another. Until they finally combined and Reese began to see her in the present. And then, when he finally realized that he'd never shared himself with Carter, the scene switched back and forth in the car, from the past to the present. This was a triumph.

Police officers see action, but they also see large amounts of downtime with their partners, who they rely on for company. This episode explores this relationship between two of them

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It was great to see Taraji P Henson back on the show nearly 18 months after Carter’s death. I really don’t think they could have done anything better with her return, because she was too influential a character to just be used in flashbacks (and Person of Interest is too smart a show to do that). Henson adapted to each of Carter’s different scenarios terrifically and really sold everything she was given. It’s a real shame to consider that we likely won’t see her again on the show because she brings so much both in her acting and character. The only consolation is that she will remain awesome on Empire, but unfortunately, it’s not quite POI. 


" WILL YOU STAY WITH ME FOR A LIL BIT?"**sounds like that....

So, I end up my rate here!
Brilliant episode for POI doing it. 


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