Monday, November 28, 2011

GANTZ Movies Perfect Answer i'd watched it

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GANTZ Perfect Answer. I already watched it. it so different from what people said before. not about vampire but the black Aliens in purpose to kill Gantz just because their killing their clan. i thought before, the long haired man s Uzumi, but strongly wrong mark! Katou was revived by that o-san. the plots still hold the original purpose "where Aliens want to take over the earth"just its ended differently because the manga has not really ended. I like the action scene. especially the swords fighting and when Kei-ninomiya had thrown his body out of train. it so cool!

this movie Perfect Answer really a tragic one beside too bloody cruel. but, that's what makes GANTZ best. i almosr crying when tae's died in Kei-chan's arm. it remind me the manga itself. Nino-kun really played his character well including Katou. but, no one could defeat cranky-cocky boy Hongo Kanata~

The story ended by Kei chosed to sacrificed himself to take the place of Gantz then erased all memories about him. people will lose the memories about him once including Gantz. but the black ball still exist, maybe to maintain the peaceful that earth had. really tragic one...hope the manga didn't end like this. it so hurt to separate again n again with the one u love! especially Tae n Ke-chan! i'd rad the new chapter 353. again Kei was forced to leave her alone when Gantz summoned them. even i hate the ending in Perfect Answer, real is, not all ending will ended by happiness.


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