Thursday, May 19, 2011

SrS HQ at Petaling

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heh! SRS HQ at Petaling! our house..i house while working in this area~ atleast the dream come true~ SRS HQ located near KTM Petaling..simple to say, behind the KTM~ so, it easy for us to get the transport to go anywhere~ beside, from here to Nilai, just take rm5.10 to arrive my destination~

We Love this house! small and simple. easy to design~ but, one thing that i really hate is.. because this area is a PJ to Puchong-Damansara, means, half of citizen in here is non muslim. hate to say this.. the area are so dirty and...u could find, trashes everywhere! about dustbin? the tong is empty, but around it? nah...i wonder why this people*sigh*


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