Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arrive- Arrive-MobileSuitGundamSeed Kira to Athrun book

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Happy!! our second favourite anime after Bleach is arrive!! the book of Kira and Athrun from MobileSuitGundamSeed! We love the anime really Love! i remember, it's 2005 best anime! after that Destiny is release after Seed. actually, i'm not really interested in gundam Destiny, Coz, the anime's Plot itself full with revenge and the true motive not enough to satisfied us. while Seed have a really good plot-Charcter and story. the purpose for the war itself clearly wonderful. we could say that, MoBileSuiTGunDamSeed is the best ever Gundam In Gundam universe even Gundam 00 itself couldn't challenge it~ maybe the 00 good in 3d robot fightings, but, for Seed-Destiny, only in 2D style brings out the wonderful fighting and how details for every single mecha movement. this is our opinion~

the poster is really big~ we already patch it on the wall together with our bleach poster too` *thinking back..Are we really 24 years old?* dont mind about age~

it' satisfied where's the quality of the books itself really good~ *ugh* this our 3rd time shopping online* the books only available at Japan especially the RGB ilustration seed n destiny. even the quantity they release really limited. so that s why we're take desicion to buy it online~

Kira's book of "Destiny" half of it~

Athrun's book of "Decision" half of it~

after all..even the anime already passed almost 6 years, but the impact to Gundam history still not sinking by time~ yeah~ we really mean it~ the fan of this anime are big! one of them is us~ we're still coleected their item and merchandise~ especially book-ost-dvd-mecha~



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