Monday, December 27, 2010

YOSH! CF 2010 ALREADY END!!!!!!!

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Finally, cf this year is over! although, from the beginning to the end cf, too many obstacles! uh .. think too, can join in this cf? even the budget is not enough.. but still can perform our dream! to be (lidd) not really satisfied and comfort with this ELIZABETH thing. Practically, i used to be Ciel, but, in the end, willingly lend my lovely Ciel to KYDD since she's not really fit to be Elizabeth. if have a next time...NO! and i will never be Elizabeth again! just make me feelings..horrible! next year, Bleach, As RUKIA KUCHIKI with Kydd as Rukia in normal zanpakutou or fit.

this is me.(Lidd) on the way to go to train station.
no make up anymore or fully outfit. just cheesy to camera.

here, Kydd (my twin) in the same place on the way to KTM....if i'm not mistake.

our bad picture! and swear, I cant even be a nice girl in the 1st place!
but, i like this pose and than you to my dearest friend/Nakama >> wytzu! for the photo~

snapshot with others COsplay~ Sebastian Michaelis~

rest!!!!! slurrpy and bread~ to eat~ kydd and the red girl is Wytzu!

coming from my heart.. frankly, CF this year not really satisfactory. maybe place factor, i guess.. yeah, the place is narrow and caused congestion. and year fater year, cosplayer participant always increase. so, lets pray it will going to be Sunway Pyramid back next year!!!

me and Wytzu~ PSP...battling with Jin Kazama before againts Azazel!

snapshot with Kuroshitsuji Fan!!

my lovely character is Cagalli and lacus from GS~

watshitachi no ototo des~

so, in the end... on the way back, there's some people take some opportunity cheesing with us` thanks again to my dear friend~ Red girl Wytzu willingly to be our photographer with digital cam only~ gah!!!!!!


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