Monday, April 19, 2010

continue my life...draw FTB bleach

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Yesterday , me lidd has finished my bleach for laminate...from FTB movie, Homura”to”Shizuku and Hichiruki..Ichiruki? 1 thing finished~ hehehe~ whatever i’v got a problem for Hichi face..i don’t want he looks like a yaoi face..i want gentle and hot~ so, that’s why its bothering me! How can i draw a masculine man? but evil in deep? Huh! it takes time to learn his face..rukia-chan..simple.

whatever...lil bit satisfied about him..

Rukia as Dark Rukia....have some mistake when i draw her eyes..the position of eye's..

atleast..i's finished my hichidaruki and homurashizuku


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