Saturday, November 7, 2009


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bebaru ni Kyddlidd ada install streaming..nak main online Left for Dead..agak happy la..but..panas x smpai ke petang~dont know the prob..kydddlidd x leh nk create Lobby or Joining another lobby..Including WYTZU..memacam cara dh try! mati akal !demo saa..akiramenaide!
(1 jam kemudian..)white flag pun naik..biarlah....pasni cri "slave"la nk mintak tolong..hohoho~roar!

not a big problem...RE5 dah ada..

RE 5..good game..3d dia cool~bt, the reason for the 1/2 a ridiculous..
why Ada wong comes alive back?
didnt she's used to die before?mmg x msuk, mmg x best dahla..x realistic skit..ingat game ni akn ada different..demo,saa..just like another game~(sigh)
apapun..graphic and advanture ok~

Actually, the firt person who played this game n found ototo des~
bape kali install baru boleh msk! Vista..normal~

hehe~ Beli masa time pose aritu`raya baru blh install.yg "pirate of carribean " sudah~
ha.ha.ha..but..everything in Japan Language~
excluding voice~

the pro playing it~

pirate of carribean

>> rm 15.00

Nak komen tntg partner ni? Chris n Sheva mmg perfect partner!
even she's new in RE..tapi..penampilan dia mmg best!we mean..the cloth..
dia pakai baju yg masuk akalla...(not the other cloth that we will find soon!)

lepas ni, tak tau la if ade RE 6 plak~ bila lah zombie ni nak mampus..jgn cam Left for dead dah..
siap kejar lagi tu..(millennium zombie~hhahah)

let's kill!


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