Monday, February 26, 2018


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CROSS episode 9 was aired today, 27 Feb 2018 due to the Olympic yesterday. Maybe, I dont know since Running man cancel aired due to Olympic too.~

AWW! I love this episode! okay, first of all because of the moment of #KyungMin or #KyuIn (KangInKyu and GoJiIn) and Dr Go wit Kang In Kyu.. (I loves the father son bonding) and second the episode may looks calm yet surprise!

short summary :

Dr Go Jung Hoon facing the consequences and got scolded because the cancellation of the surgery. Kang In Kyu followed the nerdy 4 eyes to Hyung Bum hiding place and got discovered by them. Again, he lost them in front of his eyes. So close yet still too far. Go Ji In rushing to the hospital after got news about his father punishment. long story -short, the 3 of them discover the forge identity and the "legal" operation of organ transplantation. Dr Go Begging Kang In Kyu accept the job to SunLim Hospital and find his own answer here legally. Ji In and In Kyu together find Kim Chul Ho, end up bring Chul Ho wife to the hospital. Hepatic coma. He told the truth to Chul Ho about the broker. (I love how different Jeon So Min and Kyung Pyo in this drama!) .. and the rest, you better watch~ 

My, my.. Kim Chu ho afraid of those guys and break the promise he did to In Kyu. His Wife under surveillance and in need of Liver transplant where the only donor is her own husband.Damn cant wait the next episode!!!


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