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Drama: Cross
Hangul: 크로스
Genre: medical, revenge, thriller, healing
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Director: Shin Yong-Whi
Writer: Choi Min-Suk
Release Date: 29 January 2018 to 20 March 2018
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:30 (following drama "Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 16.”)
Production Company: Studio Dragon

  New TVN drama starring by Jeon So Min (My favs gurl) and Go Kyung Pyo. Okay, I never thought both of my fav actors lead any drama together but end up, nothing impossible~ so excited about the medical theme since this theme basically heavy theme with all the procedure cannot be taken lightly. 

Little summary for the drama 
Cross : God's Gift is about Kang In Gyoo who becomes a doctor in order to get revenge by taking the lives of those responsible for his father's death. He was adopted by Dr Go Jung Hoon who used to save his little sister 13 years ago, as a mentor also a foster father to In Gyoo, the incident of Kang In Joo's organ transplantation wrecked both Foster father-son bonding.

Dr Go Jung Hoon is a  Department Chief of an organ transplant center at a SunLim University Hospital. He is an excellent surgeon with humanism. He goes up against Kang In-Kyu  vengeful over his father's death. But everything just getting more complicated when the romantic involved between Kang In Gyoo himself and Go Ji In .She is also the only daughter of Go Jung Hoon. Go Ji In is described as quirky, unpredictable, and refreshingly charming hospital intern and the one who gets along with Kang In Gyu like oil and water, bickering every time they meet. Slowly they may attracted toward each other and that brings more complicated between him and his foster father. Will he able to grow and learns the true meaning of being a doctor or stay as an vengeful doctor?


After I saw+ read the article where Jeon So min and Go Gyung Pyo talk about their upcoming drama in TVN, darn! I cant help myself but squirming happily! Yes, I love Gyung Pyo in Chicago TypeWriters and others drama, but basically he just starring as secondary character's until Strongest Deliveryman.. something like that.. So used to watch him as a kind, goofy good characters, this one really bring out his own charisma! very opposite of his usual characters! He admit himself he had this awkward and shy type attitude and that's exactly who he is in "Cross : God's Gift"! damn So cute! I love how he have these cold eyes while still stay as a warmhearted person. yes, I barely watch any actors who can have those  deep Cold eyes for real. 
           Go Gyung Pyo as Kang In Kyu
Jeon So Min as Go Ji In

GOD knows how I'm Adore So Min especially after her last Lead roles in "1% of Anything" and Running Man which surely brings out her charm through that variety show along side Lee Kwang Soo and others~ (Kwang So min!!!)Yes, She's definitely suit for Go Ji In. I never had any doubt that she could do any roles if she were  given a chance and I absolutely waiting for her in different role! ~ Congrats To Ko Gyung Pyo and Jeon So Min! a.k.a #KyungIn (Their ships name for Cross) #GyungMin

Both have nothing bad to says about one another but all good thing.


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