Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Robin (Dick) x Raven or Robin (Damian) x Raven? Teen Titans!! "Justice League versus Teen Titans"

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okay, Robin x Raven or Damien x Raven?!!!! I cant choose!!! but I choose to love both!

I remember the first time I'd watch Teen Titans Go, I already fall for the Robin x Raven. the opposite combination and cute of them. beside, I never like StarFire x robin (her character is so annoying sometimes ) but there's a time I did like her especially when it come to stupid thing and funny moment. I refused to accept anyone who pair up BB x Raven. Duh! they dont match up! 

okay, back to the topic. WOW. just wow! Damien Wayne, the Real Son of Batman now all grown up take over the Robin cape. Just watch (again-and again) the Justice League vs Teen Titans, I did accept Damien had his own style. Even though some may call him brat, snobbish, but I see he easily adapt with any environment. He could accept failure and ask for forgiveness in his cocky way. Unlike the old Robin, Dick Grayson who  more to funny and open, Damien possess the early maturity as  a teenage boy (man). well, what will you expect under Wayne and crazy training Ra's Alghul gave him? I betcha- he far manly than Dick. (well I'm still RobRae shipper!!) For all I care, Damien is Possessive! (aww my kind of man for Raven)

(fanart by the owner)

I like the new design/ look of Raven Roth. she even have her other shirt/cloth or closet, aside she

friendly toward  new comer. She's alive! I hope They pair up Raven and Damien. both so match up for each other. (since I cant get Robin Dick with Raven)




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