Sunday, November 13, 2011

DOWNLOAD! DOWNLOAD! boring so download anime n watch!

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DOWNLOAD-DOWNLOAD-DOWNLOAD!! god, we're ** bored with new anime lately! there's! especially the heroin type!! why there's so much typical heroin?!! it's hard to find some one really independent to our heroes! GOD! why1 the last time we're checked....a C-money-n.. next-next. we're love someone lke Cgalli or Rukia or Nina antalk. or Lacus.. but, today's anime, .....u got our answer~ but, still try our fate to watch this few new fall-summer anime. let's hope may something interesting happen!


uh..i like how the story been tell..but, criticsm this anime got..not good.. their fan-service is high and the story seems lazy draw by animation itself. WHY!!! i like the heroin even actually....she's..........DAMN pervert!!! *hate that part*
but, still try my chance.


We're already followed the manga series before the anime's out.
Love the story even, almost all Persona fans said there's nothing change in their character personality between all of Persona, exclude Persona Trinity Soul.

But, to compare from earlier, we think this one is better than before.

in progress to watching~ Never watch series before.

Love the story~ about simple life around this boys! more important is, ITS NOT BI OR SHOUNEN-LOVE! sorry, we're not in BIOSEXsual!

Our type- Crime-SCI-FI. not watching it yet, but already download. the story sounds mystery and unique~ just see the character itself~


about father's of shiro. how the wars begin. nah..all story we already watch including the movie itself...uh..i think there's only 3 series...right? my Saber!!!


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