Thursday, June 30, 2011


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C2AGE @ Hari Sejuta Belia. Great carnival. Placed at Putrajaya and it's really huge one! not enough for 1 day to explored it. there's so many booth was opened so typical us, boring. yeah! no money no fun. but, pergi sana pun sebab Herbalife bukak ooth. cool one! they're even have a rollerskate shows~ budak kecik pun ada join roller skate! lebih kurang umur die 6-7 tahun! cute plak tu!


disebabkan kewangan terhad, then we're going there with my mom, so, there's no chance to explore so much. even cosplay competition pun x dapat nak tengok, bukan tu jer, placenye pun x tahu. besar betul tempat die!
after all, there's still interesting event, like sport cars shows, naruto....what...(couldn't remember) blah-blah-blah.
This two really cool. love the design! original Malaysia's. if not mistake from perodua or proton? couldn't remember too. just let it go! nce they're announce, u'll get it~

In the end..not really great but still cool for us. nah~*sigh* what the hell..


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