Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waiting For the the 4Th gekijouban Out. My FTB arrive

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yosh! Burichi Fade to Black (2008) now in DVD! and the original in Japan sad! I want the original one! it's big and have the Kubo-Sensei artwork! i mean the poster is original from Kubo Sensei!! we want it!! it release only in 2009 almost last year. how far from the original date the movie out. ICHIRUKI FOR THE WHOLE!

it seems our dreams come true!! thanks to our dear friend, hasan!! oh you're my hero! again, he's our hero~ 1st! he got us the "SOULS" book, now, he got us the MOVIE! it takes a day to arrive~ after all..the quality is so damn good! it's really satisfied to waste almost RM500.00 to get it (i know it sounds..are crazy?! wasting soo many just to have it?! Kick me..)~ WE LOVE BLEACH! the poster are really big! including the items..very nice!

GekiJouban Burichi > Fade To Black/ I will Never Fail To Bring You Back. is the best Film From Bleach. beside, the film itself have 3 titles the rating itself increase from the 1st one and the 2nd one. maybe because it's about Ichigo and Rukia, beside the Film/Producer and KT sensei itself said that the movie is connected to the original manga. especially about their Feelings toward each wonderful!

Kubo's Quote > Kubo: “The relationship between Ichigo and Rukia.Their change in their own feelings”

the forth movie already out last year! for Bleach 10 Anniversary! about Jigoku-Hen. cant wait for the Movie release in DVD! discuss later.. on my burichi blog, ne~


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