Monday, May 30, 2011

Asucaga and Ichiruki

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yosh! it's been a long time i'm not drawing a fanart~ especially Bleach..busy with working as Cleanup artist and perfect world just destroyed by the simples thing! u know what!? we're getting quit for the job. soon! my resolve and never turning back~ God! how could all of this happen? even we're not allowing it to happen?! actually, the duty and project that we're doing right now are not too hard! beside simple and just tracing back, but, something happen and blocked the hardwork side and left the bad one outside. we're couldnt even manage the easy part! and for UnlUCKY's month..this month is really terrible month! moer problem and problem plus-plus-plus! am i', babling something not good?! argh! tensions! no way~ better look something more worthy than being useless like now.


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