Tuesday, April 20, 2010

die in the flame of dust!

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today! not much work need to do..just cleaning the computer and study room..what the hell?! so much dust! i'm not sure i can breath in
the hell of dust like that! i'm going to die...hahah~ ah~ what a beautiful memory~ (kankeinai ja...)

the inner ms same...
the cover really different witth the original

Matsubara –san! Anata wa kakkoi!!!! Really know what KT want! 2008 only Souls book had transelated to BI...Souls book..we’d buy before...but not exactly same as the original sad..i mean the prob~ ok!arigatou... so we decide to buy by online malaysia? kinokuniya here not sell bleach novel.only the grapic novel. why the heck they built the kinokuniya here if dont have a famous thing in there?!..ASADUN!! you're my hero! We die hard fan!! Not die hard but........NEVER DIE FAN! HUA! HAHAHAHAHA! (LOUGH LIKE STUPID..)


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