Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hen da zo~ ore no yume da...

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yesterday nite...i'd just got dreaming..someone killing me..that thing's was stabbed my stomach..
what a terrible dreaming..but, hehe..but there must be another character~my twin, 3 boyz, 4 girl including me..that nite, wuuuuuu~ (wolf cry) i'm alne in my bedroom..just fall asleep for a second, i heard something on the outside..and then i try to figure out where's that sound coming..suddenly!
i can feel someone following me...without any excuse, run like hell!!!! that thing's still following me! i can feel it! argh! someone help me!!!! screaming!! dub!! (terlanggar )
heheh~ so lucky!! the group of my fren!! i found them! a few hour later..after i telling them the story ...that night begin back..everything's just like a circle..going to the first back..but this time is differenr!! late found them and they faound my body in really tragic killing's style.....huhuhuuu...y i must dead~ i dont wana dead yet... not until regret for what i've done!!!!(wuaaaaaaaa!!)


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