Saturday, July 18, 2009


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hehehe.. what about my new comic? The title was "Born"..hmm thinking back..with my style..i can't winning the competition (Peraduan Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia)'s okey if i try ..even now are my 3rd time..from really sucks drawing..until now..
Ok~ As a characater design, really hard to make something really good n (puas hati) for our boss. n then as an animation too..maybe, thats my ambition since i need to be brave(not maybe! o_0?) demo saa..GAMBARU!!!!
I will make myself stand on the same level with them!!(animation artist>.<)

The story about twin brother who lost their memories because of one incident when they was young. Their parent was killed by their own villager because they've got thinking that the family was carrying a cursed. That night, the both of them was escaped without leaving any trace, but they need to be seperated..after that ones know what happen to them anymore..until one day...

" If it was destined."
" it will be.."

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