Sunday, July 19, 2009

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The trailer for DEVIANT already out. But the real manga still in progress.

Character Design and Storyline : Kyddrou
Ilustration Manga : Liddamks

"Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack"
"Sound of wood Play the Time,"
"Step, Step, Out of Step"
"Sound of Foot chase the Time,"

Based on short manga by Lidd, we composed it to become our new manga.

"DEVIANT is about the reincarnation of Twin Brothers after all happened in centuries ago,
wheres human still make a contract with Evil to become their guardian.
Where normal people cant married with Noble-Blood and vice-versa.
While the Noble-Blood cant married with their Guardian.
But, the Taboo's been broken by the Noble Family, and they were giving birth 2 sons on
20 August where people believed that day is the day for fatal.
The sons were been given by their guardian 2 stones called as Sardonyx and Peridot
without knowing nothing the real purpose behind it.
So, on the 9 years of 20 August, the Family has been murdered by all villager but their sons win escaped from the incident.
After that, know one knows what happen to them until.......

"Wearing a Sardonyx along Peridot or for thee,
no Conjugal Felicity,
it Said if the August-Born without This Stone,
Should Leave the Unloved alone.."


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